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Mantis Cranes

Mantis Cranes are produced by the Tadano / Mantis Corporation, which specializes in a range of telescopic boom crawler cranes. Over 30 years of experience are behind each rugged Mantis crane, which combine high performance hydraulic diesel engines and high tech hydraulics on massive steel frames to create some of the most efficient cranes in the world.

Mantis cranes are ideal for both lift applications and duty-cycle work, featuring extremely compact builds that make them easy to operate in tight quarters. This offers a clear advantage over fixed length lattice boom crawler cranes in the same conditions, as no outriggers are required for full lift capacity. Heavy telescopic booms and hydraulically extendable crawlers combined with a low center of gravity for their height make Mantis cranes the best choice for many industrial applications.

Mantis cranes can be used in conjunction with a Mantis heavy duty working platform for instances where more height is needed or stability is a concern. The boom can be operated at full length or partially telescoped; and the counterweight on most cranes is removable to reduce ground bearing pressure on soft ground.

Mantis telescopic boom crawler cranes range in lifting capacity from 18-100 US tons, and can pick and carry through a full 360 degree rotation. Their small footprint and ability to “walk” a load in small spaces without tipping have made Mantis cranes a natural choice for companies working in restricted surroundings, who need versatility combined with extreme power to get the job done.

Originally, Mantis manufactured cranes for use in the tank-building industry. The range of applications for their hydraulic telescopic-boom crawler cranes soo expanded to include industries such as power transmission line erection and bridge construction. Today, buyers of Mantis cranes include pipeline and oil field contractors as well as class one railroads, general construction companies, foundation contractors, tunneling and highway constructors, crane rental companies and research organizations. Contractors and project engineers prefer Mantis cranes because of their versatility, and the Tadano / Mantis Corporation continually looks for new ways to customize lift solutions across industries.

Mantis cranes are used by the US Navy Seabees for cargo handling; by the Army Corp of Engineers for dam maintenance; and by Transit Authority in both NYC and Chicago for rail maintenance. Mantis cranes have also been specially developed for use in Antarctica by the US National Science Foundation, British Antarctic Services and the Indian National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research.


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