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Manitowoc cranes represent some of the highest quality cranes available in the market today. In 1925, the company built the first Manitowoc cranes at their facility in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Since those first lattice boom crawler cranes were manufactured, these signature red Manitowoc cranes have become a fixture across the globe. Today, Manitowoc is recognized as one of the world’s largest providers of lifting equipment for the global construction industry, with a legacy that includes lattice-boom cranes, boom trucks, telescopic cranestower cranes, and mobile hydraulic cranes.

Today, 16 different units are produced by the company, which operates globally. The lineup includes a full range of lift cranes, duty-cycle crawler cranes and wheeled cranes for use in the industrial construction industry as well as for marine applications. Manitowoc cranes encompass many cranes sold under alternate names, such as Grove, National Crane and Potain, but having the same high quality standards as those built originally in the Wisconsin plant

Manitowoc cranes are built to last, which makes them attractive to businesses that expect to get more than the occasional use out of a crane. Manitowoc cranes often can be seen in service 20, 30 or even 40 years after manufacture, a testament to the durability and strength of all cranes bearing the Manitowoc name. Manitowoc cranes are often used exclusively as fleet machines for larger companies, while smaller businesses choose Manitowoc in ever increasing numbers to use as stand alone units. Manitowoc’s generous financing terms make these top of the line cranes available to many who cannot obtain a quality crane through traditional lenders.

Another factor in favor of Manitowoc cranes is the Manitowoc Crane Care program, which provides responsive service and support to get disabled equipment up and running again in a hurry. The division’s slogan, “Wherever. Whenever. Whatever. We’re There™”, represents Manitowoc’s ability to provide parts, service, technical assistance and training for every Manitowoc Crane product, any hour of the day or night, every day of the year, anywhere in the world.

Manitowoc cranes are supported by the company’s widespread network of fully trained technical and sales staff, over-the-counter parts availability, and expert repair and technical assistance provided by a team made up of hundreds of professionals worldwide. Manitowoc crane parts can be obtained easily from any of their three major parts warehouses through their automated worldwide distributor parts ordering system, while documentation and assistance are readily available from technical instructors and experts strategically located around the globe.


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